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The Collection Solution Programs

SCCS prides itself on providing the most effective, flexible and cost efficient programs available. Each program can be customized to meet your company’s exact needs.

Letter Services Plus - Direct Assignment Program
NSF Check Recovery - Legal Recovery Program
Policy for Cancellation of Accounts - HIPAA
FDCPA/FCRA - Online Services

SCCS Letter Service Plus

We are so confident in our Letter Service Plus program that SCCS guarantees results.

Letter Service Plus is the perfect way to contact your overdue accounts while maintaining a good rapport with your client. This program not only gives you the benefit of our collection letters, but also includes a phone call from our trained professionals. The reminders are courteous and designed to prompt the consumer to take action. SCCS believes in the true letter service concept. This concept embraces the following principles:

  • Monies are paid directly to you.
  • Maintain complete control of your account.
  • Third party involvement advantage.
  • Reduce your overall cost of collection.

SCCS guarantees Results. For a minimal fee, you can resolve situations that normally would be handled by the collection agency, best of all, the service is guaranteed. You will recover twice your initial cost or we will refund your initial investment!

SCCS Direct Assignment Program

This program is designed especially for the toughest collection cases, using vigorous collection techniques with proven results. Direct Assignment allows our trained collectors to go straight to work on the accounts through our computerized collection network. Full time investigative and asset-researching services are utilized as SCCS collectors personally oversee each step of the collection process. The primary advantages of this program are:

  • Professional collectors manage your delinquent accounts.
  • Freedom to concentrate on your company’s daily operation.
  • Commission paid only on collected dollars.
  • Direct reporting to the consumer’s national credit file.
  • Search for possible legal suit.

SCCS NSF Check Recovery Program

Dishonored checks are often the most difficult receivable to recover. Promptly placing NSF checks with an agency is the key to recovery. The principles of our NSF Check Recovery Program allow you that option and more:

  • A Certified letter sent from our attorney’s office, instructing the consumer of fees and penalties as stated under the California Civil Code 1719.
  • No commissions on monies collected in the first 30 days. Our fee is the $25.00 check service charge plus handling fees allowed by law. Thirty days after assignment, treble damages are assessed as permitted under California Civil Code 1719. Only then is commission taken on collected monies.
  • Direct reporting to the consumer’s national credit file.
  • Asset search for possible legal suit.

SCCS Legal Recovery Program

All accounts placed in our Direct Assignment Program including our NSF Check Recovery Program are reviewed for possible legal suit. When collection efforts fail, this is your final option. SCCS pursues an aggressive stance with regards to legal action on qualified accounts. Our legal department oversees these files and manages them as they are referred to our attorney until final resolution has taken place.

SCCS pays all fees for any required legal action. There is NO out of pocket cost to you. Commissions are paid on monies recovered.

SCCS Policy For Cancellation of Accounts

It is SCCS’s policy to cancel and return accounts at your request without charge or delay because of The Collection Solution Partnership. Exceptions to this policy are direct pays to the client, legal accounts and forwarded accounts.


All medical clients are required to be compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). SCCS will act on your behalf with a Business Associate Agreement which requires that SCCS apply all HIPAA laws and client policies to all accounts.


SCCS maintains strict policies which follow the guidelines set by Federal, State and local authorities. Our collection and support staff has been thoroughly trained to stay in compliance with the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. and other related federal and state laws.

Online Services

Our secure online site is available to all SCCS clients. This valuable tool gives clients access to their accounts. This program offers many options including:

  • Assignment of accounts.
  • Notification of payment.
  • Updating accounts.
  • And many other custom services to meet the needs of the client.

Please contact SCCS for registration and client setup required to access our secure server.